Carl Haupt, known for his humanitarian work in Mexico by helping families living in extreme poverty, is taking on another project.

Along with a couple of friends from Utah, Haupt will be going to Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico on Friday to start building a three bedroom house for an impoverished family of six.

It’s an effort to help 9-year-old Erika Garcia, whose family lives in a one room hovel with no electricity or running water. Five family members sleep on one bed while Erika, who is suffering from kidney failure, sleeps on a twin bed by herself.

“This little girl can get a kidney transplant through her father, but she’s not eligible for one because of her living conditions,” said Haupt. “When I learned about her story, I contacted friends in Utah, Gordon Carter and Jon Larson, and they’re coming here to help with this project.” The plan is to build a three bedroom, one bathroom, 20’ by 24’ house in three days. Haupt’s friends will be arriving with a trailer full of supplies and some furniture and the three will head to Agua Prieta on Friday morning.

Haupt, who says they could use more manpower and monetary donations, is soliciting assistance from anyone who might be interested in helping with the project. While Haupt will be returning to Benson every day throughout the project, his friends will be staying in a homeless shelter in Agua Prieta.

Once the house is completed, Erika will undergo a kidney transplant, with her father as the donor, at a hospital in Hermosillo, Sonora.

 For information, contact Carl Haupt at 520-586-7334.

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What Carl is doing is really admirable providing the Family with a house to live. May Lord bless little girl Erica with her life.

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