Saturday, March 2, the Friends of the San Pedro River will operate a time machine at the ghost town of Fairbank and give visitors the chance to turn back the clock. 

The year is 1900 and a steely-eyed lawman stands firm in the face of an outlaw gang. In 1877 a U.S. Cavalry trooper saddles a horse and gets ready to scout for Apache raiders.  In 1770 a surgeon in a Spanish colonial infantry company tends to the sick and wounded at a fort on the San Pedro.  In 1013 a Hohokam child is shown how to make an arrowhead.  These events, all of which happened at Fairbank, span centuries, but they can also be experienced in one day – Saturday, March 2nd at the Fairbank Day event to be held by the Friends of the San Pedro River and the Bureau of Land Management from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Fairbank historic town site.

Participate in a number of events designed to entertain and educate about the historic past of Cochise County.  Major events of the day will include: re-enactment of the famous Fairbank train robbery by the Tombstone Territorial Actors; demonstrations by a detachment of the B-Troop historic cavalry troop from Fort Huachuca; and, an encampment of the 2nd Catalonian Infantry unit re-enactors.  Other activities will include: presentations on the “Lifestyle of the Hohokam” and “Ancient People of Arizona” by Old Pueblo Archeology; and, flint-knapping, survival skills and demonstrations by Ravens-Way Wild Journeys.

The Friends of the San Pedro River will also provide tours of the site.  Docents will lead a walk to the Presidio of Santa Cruz de Terrenate, two tours of the Fairbank town site and cemetery, and a walk to the train depots near Fairbank.  The historic Fairbank schoolhouse and gift shop will be open, as it is every weekend, with historic displays on the town and its history.

Representatives from a number of historic groups and sites from Southeast Arizona will be on hand to talk with visitors.  Organizations present will include the Amerind Foundation, Empire Ranch Foundation, Friends of Brown Canyon, Friends of Kentucky Camp, Tombstone Archives, the Tubac Presidio State Park, the Bureau of Land Management and the host Friends of the San Pedro River.  

Local authors Betty Foster Escapule, Suzanne Arnold and John Rose will attend to sign books and discuss their research on the area.

Music will be provided by Dry and Dusty.  Food will be sold on site, prepared by the Dragoon Market and Café.

Admission to this event is free, although the Friends suggest a $1 per person donation.  For more information, directions and a schedule of events, see the Friends of the San Pedro River web site at or call (520) 508-4445.

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