Let’s appreciate the job accomplished last week by those running the Cochise County Fair, who reported good crowds and lots of fun during the four-day festival in Douglas.

Anyone familiar with staging an event of similar size and variety are well aware of how difficult it is to bring good food, great entertainment and lots of people together at the same place at the same time.

Those who accomplished the task this year deserve appreciation for a job well done.

 Strong attendance was just one item of good news for the fair this year.

This space will argue that an equally important accomplishment for the 2012 fair was the donation announced at a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday.

Beyond the amount of the contribution — $1,000 — is the significance of the donation in defining the identity of the Cochise County Fair as an outlet for the arts.

The donation was provided by the Arizona Community Foundation, and presented by that organization’s Southeast Region director, Carol Sanger. It was a donation from Bob and Walt Wick of Wick Communications — the company that owns the San Pedro Valley News-Sun and other Southeast Arizona newspapers — that established the Arts and Cultural Fund. This will serve to promote the creativity of our community, which is annually on display at the fair.

Fairs all across this country — but most especially in rural areas — are the fabric of those communities. They are highly successful when lots of people bring their experience and expertise together for an event that offers fun, good food, entertainment and friendly competition.

That happened on a large scale last weekend, and the result was an impressive turnout.

Planning has already started on the 2013 Cochise County Fair — it will be the 89th annual — and if you’re interested and enjoy getting involved, find more information at: http://cochisecountyfair.org, or call (520) 364-3819.

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