Oh, please say it ain't so, Larry. So many scenes dancing through my head right now — the parties at the river with Johnny playing that old guitar; your laugh, your dumb jokes, your determination, your honesty, the steely gaze and that silly grin.

 An Arizona boy, born and bred. You understood us, you were one of us. Always out there front and center, no matter the problem. You were our one-man border guard. We knew we could count on you for anything and everything. You were the straight-talking, straight-shooting Sheriff of Cochise. It was always you who stood up to the feds and would throw it right back at them when it came to this broken border. When Janet proclaimed everything down here was 'just fine,' it was you who let everyone know it was nowhere near fine.  

 We all thought we'd go on forever, marching together, keeping things right. But we found out the hard way — there ain't no forever.  I feel I've lost a brother, and Arizona has lost a favored son, an advocate for the people and a damn good man.

 We're pretty much used to taking care of ourselves out here, but man, it was a good feeling to know you had our backs. I, for one, won't sleep quite as soundly tonight. We love you, Larry. We know you're doing OK now but where do we go from here without you? God help us, 'cause we're going to need it.


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