Poetry: A Vaccine for Pain and Suffering

(Recorded Live on May 19, 2020, at 2 pm AZ time)

As we all struggle to cope with the realities brought about by our current global pandemic, join Wick Poetry Center Director David Hassler of Kent State University for a discussion about the healing power of poetry and how we all can unlock it in our everyday lives. LEARN MORE

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We certainly appreciate our “frontline” heroes during this pandemic. We’ve seen television commercials, read articles in national newspapers and watched videos online of people banging pans each night in New York to say “thank you” to our nurses, doctors and “essential” employees who have no choice but to deal face-to-face with the coronavirus. We’ve heard of those in the medical profession who can’t be with their families, for fear that they may spread the illness.

It’s been a long time since my May column has been about something other than commencement. Instead, what I share with you today is our plan, or as much of a plan as we are able to define in the fluid situation created by the coronavirus.

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