Benson Municipal Airport

The hanger and other aircraft sustained some heat, smoke and water damage.

BENSON — The sprinkler system activated appropriately and saved further damage after a fuel leak resulted in a plane catching fire in a Benson airport hangar.

“The sprinkler saved the building and saved other planes from getting fire damage,” said Benson Fire Chief Keith Spangler. Firefighters responded to Benson Municipal Airport at 2200 W. Aviation Dr., Monday just before 10 a.m.

Spangler said three persons were working on the twin-engine plane in the maintenance hangar. that caught fire. At least two other planes in the hangar sustained some smoke damage, the chief said.

There were no injuries, although the persons agreed to have themselves checked out for potential smoke inhalation.

Spangler said the sprinkler system did the job it was designed to do.

“The fire was out when we got there,” said Spangler, noting the hangar did receive smoke, heat and water damage.

Mescal/J6 Fire District, St. David Fire, Benson Police and Healthcare Innovations also responded. Benson Fire Dept. personnel cleared the scene at 12:15 p.m., the chief said.

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