Lunch preparation

Volunteers help with lunch preparation Saturday during Brighten the Path’s city cleanup effort.

BENSON — The call went out and the community responded, again.

The Saturday effort spearheaded by Brighten the Path — the volunteer group committed to cleaning up the city — drew more than 30 volunteers representing multi-faceted layers of the community, has been deemed a grand success by organizers.

City streets and alleyways are nearly 5,000 pounds of trash lighter, thanks to the 31 volunteers who offered their labor, time and helped provide 11 trucks.

“Volunteers came from everywhere... City Councilmembers, businesses, citizens, RVers and students,” said a pleased Elton Bowman, who with partner Pam Masters, initiated the city cleanup efforts last year.

“We are proud, not only of the volunteers, but also the people of Benson who put forth the effort everyday to keep trash picked up and help keep our city clean,” he said.

It was a community effort.

Lunch, which drew wide acclaim, was prepared and provided by St. David School Culinary Arts class. The contribution from students is especially welcomed by Bowman who noted their help and support, particularly if it continues to grow and spread throughout other class organizations and individuals, would make a significant impact on the organization and community. It would provide “a boost,” said Bowman.

The City of Benson, along with Cochise County and others have been quick to embrace and support the effort. The city provided gloves, grabbers, safety vests, water, and paid for lunch and Walmart donated trash bags.

To date six cleanups have resulted in removal and disposal of some 61,000 pounds of trash.

[Corrected to show accurate figure of trash removed to date.]

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