new building

A new $3.4 million building will be used by about 200 Benson third and fourth graders, as well as the wrestling team.

A new school building in Benson, touting eight classrooms and adjacent learning corridors, has not only the backing of the community, but its enthusiasm, school officials said.

Micah Mortensen, Superintendent of the Benson Unified School District, said the new building is located at the primary school campus next to the basketball courts. The $3.4 million structure, paid for by the Arizona School Facility Board, will house third and fourth graders, to the tune of about 200 students, Mortensen said.

“We are super thrilled to get students in our new building. This building is a direct result of the recent success and growth of Benson Schools,” Mortensen said recently in an email.

“The Benson Community continues to support us in all we do and the partnership we have developed is special. “Not every small community shows this type of support,” Mortensen added.

“Our theme this year is ‘We Are All In This Together.’ It would be hard to find a better theme for our school and community.” Aside from the eight classrooms and learning corridors, the building also includes a multipurpose room, Mortensen said the latter will provide a large space for a variety of educational activities during the school day.

The room will also benefit the Benson Middle School Wrestling Team, which will also be housed there. Mortensen said the team is continuously “moving from location to location across our campus. “ He said the funding from the Arizona School Facility Board came after the district “worked diligently” to procure the money.

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