BISBEE — Using money from their community enhancement funds, two county Board of Supervisors members are looking to help residents in Willcox, Benson and Douglas clean up from the intense storms which blew through the area two weeks ago.

Any expenditure from their community enhancement funds must be approved unanimously and on the agenda for the Tuesday, Oct. 8, regular meeting.

Supervisors Ann English, District 2, has agreed to help Douglas clean up storm debris and has offered $3,000.

Supervisor Peggy Judd, District 3, has pledged $320 to Benson and $600 to Willcox, a city that was damaged by a tornado on Sept. 23.

Judd, who lives in the area, said in an interview, it was “loud, and scary, and dark,” in talking about the unusual weather experienced that evening. The storm brought hail, high winds and heavy rain to a three-mile strip of the small town.

The containers will be placed at certain locations to be determined and will remain there for a month, she added.

The containers in Benson will be handled by the Brighten the Path organization, Judd said.

Dates for the cleanup will be determined.

A letter of support to the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation will be up for approval as well. In it the county requests the bureau consider a grant submitted by the Upper San Pedro Partnership (USPP) to build web pages for easy access to monitoring data, past and present.

The USPP technical committee uses the data to develop much of the foundational science which has been applied toward informed decision-making, including regional monitoring programs, applied research programs and groundwater and surface water modeling. The data collected will be available to water managers and researchers who make decisions about water use, natural resources management, residential and commercial development activities and water conservation needs and strategies.

“While these data exist and are technically publicly available, there is currently no one simple way for users to easily access them nor to necessarily make sense of them,” states the consent agenda item.

County Sheriff Mark Dannels will look for approval of hiring a master deputy bringing the number to six deputies under an intergovernmental agreement with the Arizona Department of Public Safety through the Border Strike Force Bureau which will provide 75 percent of the funding for the position.

The position will “enhance law enforcement services concerning the criminal activities of criminal syndicates’, drug and human smuggling organizations, street gangs and transnational threats related to the U.S./Mexico border within Cochise County, through cooperative efforts of DPS and the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) Southeast Arizona Border Region Enforcement Unit (SABRE).”

The wages will be $55,000 annually, with benefits of $34,809 and health insurance of $6,658 which totals $96,467. The county match is $24,116.

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