Clean up!

Volunteers collected and disposed of more than 10,000 pounds of rubbish from city alleyways and lots. Another project is scheduled for Sept. 29.

More than 40 volunteers turned out Saturday collecting and disposing of more than 10,000 pounds of refuse that had littered Benson alleyways.

Saturday’s effort was another in the Brighten the Path movement started and organized by Elton Bowman and Pam Masters, who’d grown tired of maneuvering around trash whenever they walked their dog.

“Workers” showed up bright and early, sleeves up and at the ready up with a caravan of trucks and haulers hitting the alleyways, collecting the trash then transporting it to Benson Transfer Station.

Southwest Disposal and the City of Benson provided gloves, grabbers and vests, Walmart contributed trash bags. The city also provided water and pizza with Old Benson Ice Cream Stop offering free ice cream to volunteers.

Bowman is pleased by the effort.

“Once again, we had a great turnout and a great result,” said Bowman. “We are now planning and looking forward to Sept. 29, when we will do another clean-up designed according to the conditions at that time. We also take note of and appreciate the lack of the usual accumulation of trash. The people of Benson seem to be helping every day.”

The inaugural clean up event in March resulted in collection and disposal of 7,000 cubic feet of trash. In four hours the group filled 140 45-gallon industrial strength trash bags over an area that spanned several city blocks.

Bowman can be reached at (303) 345-1791 for questions or additional information on the upcoming project.


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