Save for the usual emotions synonymous with start of a new year, it was a routine first day of classes Wednesday at St. David Unified School District.

St. David Schools Supt. Arlene Kennedy and School Principal Andrew Brogan each reported a smooth first day.

With the Aug. 7 start of classes, all valley school districts, Benson, Pomerene and St. David, are all in session.

Students at St. David middle and high schools will familiarize themselves with a new 90-minute class schedule model, along with additional foreign language course offerings.

First-day elation was not lost on school administrators.

“Our start to school was awesome as it was smooth sailing,” explained School Principal Andrew Brogan. “It was great to have our students back on campus and the energy was awesome.”

Kennedy, in her second year at the helm, echoed Brogan.

“It was a fantastic opening with an exciting level of school spirit unlike any other… The teachers were pumped, the parents were ecstatic and the children had bright, happy smiles,” she said.

Milestones tagged to the new year include start of their senior year for the St. David High School Class of 2020, along with the start of their formal education for this year’s kindergarteners, the Class of 2032

Students engaged in the first full week of classes beginning Monday. Close to 400 pupils enrolled at the K-12 campus, bringing to almost 2,000 students enrolled through the valley’s three public school districts.

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