A tractor-trailer semi truck attempting to get across the railroad tracks on Mescal Road Wednesday morning was clipped by an eastbound Union Pacific freightliner.

The incident occurred shortly after 8 a.m., according to Union Pacific Railroad officials, who said the attempted crossing occurred as the crossing arms were activated.

The driver was able to exit the cab before the front engine of the freightliner collided with the truck and trailer. It’s unclear if anyone received treatment or required medical transport.

East and westbound rail traffic was halted throughout much of the day as investigators surveyed the scene for determination of the extent of damage. There was no indication of UPRR equipment failure prior to the collision.

A Cochise County Sheriff’s Office facebook posting reported “minor injuries.”

Crews worked throughout the day clearing the wreckage. Residents caught on either side of the tracks were forced to wait it out. Rail line traffic reopened at about 2 p.m.

Cochise County Sheriff’s Office is continuing the investigation.

Freelance journalist Terri Jo Neff contributed to this report.




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