With the State and County Primary Election just weeks away, citizens are being reminded of key dates and information leading up to August 28.

Important dates for voters

  • August 1 – Early voting begins. Cochise County Recorder’s Office will mail out early ballots to eligible residents on the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL), as well as voters who requested an early ballot. To request a ballot, or to register for PEVL, call the Recorder’s Office at (520) 432-8358.

  • August 11 & 18 – Early voting opportunities at the Recorder’s Office. For the first time the Recorder’s Office is opening its doors on two consecutive Saturdays to allow the public to vote early, or to drop off their completed ballots. The office will be open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and is located at 1415 Melody Lane, Building B, Bisbee. Voters can also drop by Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  • August 17 – Last day to request an early ballot by mail. Call the Recorder’s Office at (520) 432-8358.

  • August 24 – Last day to vote early at the Recorder’s Office.

  • August 28 – Primary Election Day. Residents can go to any of the County’s 17 vote centers to vote or drop off a completed ballot. For a list of vote centers visit https://www.cochise.az.gov/sites/default/files/elections/2018VoteCenterLocations.pdf

Important dates for candidates

  • July 9 – August 8 – Candidates running for Special District seats should file their paperwork with the Elections Department at 1415 Melody Lane, Building A, Bisbee, with the exception of School Districts, which must be filed with the County School Superintendent’s Office at 100 Clawson Avenue, Bisbee.

  • July 19 – Filing deadline for write-in partisan candidates. Paperwork should be filed with the Elections Department.


Important information

  • Independent voters CAN participate in the Primary Election, but they must pick a party ballot. Call the Recorder’s Office at (520) 432-8358 before August 17 to request an early ballot. You do not need to change your party affiliation.

  • Know Before You Go – Don’t waste time at the vote centers. Research the candidates and issues beforehand. Check your sample ballot and read the publicity pamphlets. Look up candidates on their websites and social media accounts, and attend locally organized forums or candidate meet and greet events.

  • Make sure your voter information is current. If you are not sure of your status, or have changed your name or address, call the Recorder’s Office at (520) 432-8358.

  • Sign It, Seal It, Send It - Before returning your early ballot make sure it is signed. All signatures will be verified by the Recorder’s Office before they are counted by the Elections Department.


For further information call the Elections Department at (520) 432-8970 or visit https://www.cochise.az.gov/elections/home or call the Recorder’s Office at (520) 432-8358 or visit https://www.cochise.az.gov/recorder/home

— Submitted by Amanda Baillie, Cochise County


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