Operating in unison with Benson Unified School District at least in terms of school calendar, Pomerene Elementary School also enjoyed a smooth start to the 2019-20 school year.

Classes for the K-8 school in the tiny community started Thursday and this week marks the first full week of classes, and School Superintendent Mike Sherman, and staff, are excited for the start of the year.

“Our first day was exciting,” said Sherman. “Enrollment is at its highest point in years and continues to climb. It was nice to see all the new faces, as well as all of our returning students. You don't realize how much you miss these kids until you see them again.”

One exciting tidbit, according to Sherman, students will have the opportunity this year to participate in band.

“We our particularly excited about offering band at our school for the first time in years. Unique to our school is the low turnover. Our entire All Star teaching staff has returned and with the addition of our new Business Manager Cheri Shull and Office Manager, Candice Nuernberger, we are rocking it in the office, in terms of supporting staff, students and families. I feel very blessed to be able to work with such a great staff and wonderful families in the Pomerene School community.”

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