With an overall goal of cleaning up the city, the Brighten the Path movement is at it again but this time with a different twist.

Where past projects have called for groups of teams, working in grid-like fashion collecting and disposing of trash in specific areas, the next undertaking will be done by request.

While details are still being hammered out, organizers are busy planning the next project.

“We will be going, by request, to homes of elderly and/or disabled people in Benson to clean up their yards,” said Elton Bowman, who with partner Pam Masters, started the clean up effort. “We will be collecting and preparing their trash for disposal by the City of Benson.”

The City of Benson has been quick to embrace the movement’s effort, and was mentioned by City Manager Vicki Vivian as one of the city’s positive attributes at last month’s Benson Economic Outlook Luncheon.

Bowman said organizers are looking to comprise a list of people whom can be called upon “from time to time to help with these projects as they come up — please help!”

Anyone wishing to lend a hand can call Bowman at (303) 345-1791.

A Sept. 29 cleanup, the third such effort, resulted in collection of more than 4,000 pounds of trash, appliances etc.

“There remains a tremendous need for more clean up runs and another one is already being planned,” Bowman said at that time. “The volunteers who have helped in the past are to be commended for their generosity in giving their time and energy to this very worthwhile project to make our city cleaner, safer and more attractive. My sincere thanks to all.”


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