Some very important women will soon be occupying space at the Benson Historical Museum. The Women of Note exhibit will showcase the accomplishments, collections and works of 40 women who left their mark on Benson, said museum director Judy Lee. But because there are only two rooms for the exhibit, the 40 famous females and their stories will be rotated through the two rooms over the next several weeks at the museum on South San Pedro Street, Lee said.

Calling herself a feminist, Lee is thrilled with this offering that features women who contributed to Benson. The exhibit begins with the works and collections of three women, including teacher Lois Fischer, museum founder Donna Getzwiller and Peggy Dunbar Monzingo. Fischer taught children in grades two through five in the Benson Unified School District for over 30 years, from the ‘50s to the ‘80s.

Lee said Fischer — who passed away in December 2018 — kept every single Valentine card that every student ever gave her throughout those three decades. She also had every school picture of her students taken throughout that time. The cards and pictures are on display. Getzwiller meanwhile, founded the museum, as well as the Benson Library and the Benson Womens Club, among other places, Lee said.

Some of her works and collections will be displayed, along with those of Monzingo, who comes from a family of Benson and Willcox homesteaders and ranchers, Lee said. The exhibit will also include a sampling of wedding dresses from the last 100 years, Lee said.

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