While following social distancing guidelines, Pomerene Elementary School kindergartners and eighth-graders celebrated their promotions on May 18 and 19 respectively.

Around 6 p.m. Monday, dressed in red caps and gowns, the kindergarten children were treated to ice cream at the drive-thru window of Benson Ice Cream Stop, complements of the district’s Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). From there, each student was photographed individually with their teacher and presented with a certificate.

“We are thankful to have been able to provide closure to the school year with our two promotion activities,” said Pomerene Superintendent Mike Sherman. “Our kindergarten drive-thru promotion at the Ice Cream Stop was a big hit. We had 5 year olds in shiny caps and gowns, big smiles and big ice creams. What more could you ask for? We appreciate the Ice Cream Stop for accommodating our kindergarten grads.”

Meanwhile, Pomerene’s 15 eighth-graders celebrated their promotion with a drive-in style ceremony in front of the school Tuesday evening.

“Families were allowed to participate — one family at a time — by getting out of the vehicle and joining their graduate as each student was recognized individually with a certificate and special awards.”

Celebratory speeches were presented by class Valedictorian Morgan Jones, Salutatorian Cameron Fulcher, and Student Body President Karlee Sherman.

“As soon as the last family returned to their vehicle, we held a parade down Old Pomerene Road with the Sheriff’s Office and Pomerene Fire Department joining the procession of students. Members of the community lined the road and cheered in honor of our young graduates,” Sherman said.

“Our families were grateful for the promotion celebrations for these kids who worked so hard during the school year. They certainly deserved the recognition.”

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