BENSON — City of Benson is seeking the public’s input in a forum next week on potential city projects.

The forum is set for 6 p.m. at Benson Community Center, 705 W. Union St.

“There will be a presentation on potential projects followed by an open discussion,” states the city’s forum announcement. “Residents can speak out about the kind of improvement projects they would like to see in our community. Council and staff will take into consideration input for future planning. This event is open to the public and residents are encouraged to attend.”

The forum will be one of many the city plans to hold, said Benson City Manager Vicki Vivian.

The City of Benson is in the process of refinancing bond debt and which will continue for 10 years, said Vivian.

“Right now we have outstanding debt in bond money,” explained Vivian, to the tune of about $400,000 annually. “But here’s the question: While we’re refinancing do we want to get some money out and extend that and go ahead and maybe look at what we can do? We have bond proceeds, $868,000 that are sitting in the bank… so I want to have that as maybe project money… maybe not. It depends what the public wants and it depends what the council wants,” she said. “But we can use that money toward park renovations, maybe street programs… whatever the people want, so we’re going to start having forums.”

There are the plans and projects in the works and which will be discussed at the upcoming forums, said Vivian.

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