BENSON – Organizers are busy preparing for the weekend’s Butterfield Rodeo for two big days of action-packed, kick-up-your-heels competition. Rodeo fans rejoice. There will be plenty of thrills and spills Saturday and Sunday for the Butterfield Rodeo, the last event of the season on the Grand Canyon Professional Rodeo Association circuit.

And no rodeo would be complete without the Rodeo Royalty as a host of young ladies are participating in the annual pageantry now synonymous with Butterfield weekend.

The rodeo committee is stoked for the festivities.

“We are excited that it is rodeo time and the weather looks to be absolutely perfect for our event,” commented Heather Floyd, Benson Butterfield Rodeo Committee president. “We’re hoping that folks will want to come out and enjoy the day with us at the rodeo. We are also looking forward to hosting a royalty competition since it has been two years since we have invited new ladies to join us to compete. We have four ladies vying for the titles of Queen and Princess and are excited to get to know them over the festivities.”

An orientation was held Monday for Royalty participants have with the actual competition taking place Friday beginning at 8 a.m. at the rodeo grounds at the Arena with horsemanship, open to the public, and followed by a luncheon/interview session with judges and the speech, formal modeling and impromptu portion.

They’ll also take part over two-days of GCPRA rodeo pageantry on Saturday and Sunday, as well as the Butterfield Parade Saturday morning.

Shelby Williams, the current 2020 Miss Rodeo Arizona Lady in Waiting, is a former Benson Butterfield Rodeo Queen, and attributed much of her recent success to Butterfield and the Benson community.

Winners represent Benson Butterfield Rodeo at a season-long slate of events throughout the year with 11 mandatory appearances.

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