While most all things endure some type of “off season,” the same does not apply when it comes to thieves and their relentless efforts to separate victims from their money, identity or both.

It’s the age we live in and a fact of life. Authorities are no longer surprised by the means or ingenuity employed by would-be culprits, even using Benson Police Department as a ruse.

Scammers are posing as Benson Police officers seeking personal identification information from anyone who’ll give it. That’s according to Benson Police, via a post on the department’s Facebook page, who notified the public to be aware of potential scammers, and confirmed by BPD Chief Paul Moncada.

“We have been advised by several subjects from Kentucky that they have received calls from the Benson Police Department’s phone number, stating they are Officers and asking them to send copies of their birth certificates and Social Security Cards. This is a scam. No Police Department would call you and ask you to send that type of information to them, so please DO NOT send your information if you receive this type of call,” states the BPD post.

Moncada said police are familiar with that particular scam attempt.

“We’ve had it before,” the chief said, explaining how callers are using spoof software to give the impression the calls are from a legitimate law enforcement agency.

“But we just wouldn’t call anyone to get that information. That’s not how we, or any law enforcement agency, operate,” the chief said. “I want to reiterate to the public that we would not seek out that particular information in that way, and for the public not to give that information out.”

Moncada said BPD received at least three reports from callers out of Kentucky who reported getting calls. “Those are just the ones who called us… and there’s probably more who didn’t call,” he said, asking the public to report incidents by calling Benson Police at 586-2211.

“Just remember… if it sounds too good to be true, it is,” the chief said.


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