BENSON — Anyone within earshot of Butterfield RV Resort and Observatory at sunset over the past several years has certainly heard it: A lone trumpet playing the national anthem followed by TAPS.

The daily tribute is courtesy of Linda Bundy, who is only too happy to perform the ritual. Admittedly, it bothers her when she’s away from town and misses a day, but for the most part, it occurs daily at sunset outside the RV Resort office at 251 S. Ocotillo Ave.

She’s been at it for five years, as long she and husband Roger Bundy, who served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War, have lived in Benson. The couple are transplants from Nebraska. And while not military herself, Linda is no stranger to the sacrifice on behalf of veterans and their families. Her son is a Navy veteran, her brother an Air Force veteran and a son-in-law is a Marine.

On Friday, Linda goes through the rendition flawlessly. The performance is met with applause while hoots and hollers ring from throughout the park. It’s a tribute, she says, she’d been asked to perform from a park resident when a previous resident was unable to continue doing it. For her part, it’s a role she’s quickly learned to enjoy, and one she takes seriously.

The News-Sun caught up with Bundy just before sunset on the weekend before Veterans Day

NS: How are you liking Benson?

LB: “We love it… it’s about the same size as our hometown, Fairbury, Nebraska.

NS: What prompted the daily salute to veterans?

LB: “When we first moved here they’d have different dances and once in awhile I’d sit in with the band and play a little bit… so the managers knew I played. So one day I was asked if I could play TAPS in the evening because a gentleman who’d done that was unable to do so anymore. I’ve been doing it ever since.

NS: How do you like doing it?

LB: “I like doing it, and the best thing about it, to me is, especially this time of year, where there is a lot of folks here… I get people who come and shake my hand and I get people who come up to me with tears in their eyes… it’s really meaningful to them. And to me it’s way to close the day with the gentle reminder of why we’re all able to tour this wonderful country the way we can and our freedoms. We all have these freedoms because of this reminder that I’m giving you.”

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