There has been much misleading coverage on decision by Benson City Council to suspend Call to the Public. The reason for suspension of Call to the Public is simple: Patricia Gerrodette, an activist and resident of Sierra Vista, not Benson, browbeat and bullied Council so relentlessly Council decided it was time for a “timeout”. That is the only reason.

This is a reasonable, sensible and perfectly legal decision made in an attempt to de-escalate a situation. All our rights come with corresponding responsibilities. That’s what we teach our kids. We also teach them that as we grow older, we need to use mature methods to work through contentious issues. Learning this is an essential part of becoming a responsible adult and citizen. Instead of doing the responsible thing, which would have been to sit down with Council members and have a respectful conversation, the issue has been escalated through a complaint with the State’s Attorney General.

This issue could be resolved easily. Withdraw the complaint, sit with Council members and agree to cease bullying the City Council. Simple as that.

The conflict is part of a larger plan, to work with groups like the Center for Biological Diversity, as the 2017 article stated. The ultimate goal of the Center for Biological Diversity is to stop economic growth and depopulate Cochise County and as much of rural America as it can. For the Center for Biological Diversity to achieve its goals, “we will have to inflict severe economic pain,” as stated by Robin Silver, the center’s co-founder. Silver has also described Fort Huachuca’s growth as “cancerous.”

Now the Center has turned its sights on the Villages at Vigneto in Benson. Villages is a planned housing development that would bring over 16,000 jobs and nearly $24 billion in economic activity over the next 15-20 years to Benson and Cochise County, which is desperately needed.

If there are any doubts: “Gerrodette has worked closely with the Tucson-based CBD, an organization focused on environmental issues,” according to the 2017 Herald-Review article. Dr. Silver and Gerrodette joined the BLM in an ongoing lawsuit that effectively stalled a Castle and Cooke Development on Sierra Vista’s Southeast side. Now Gerrodette and her anti-growth, anti-progress friends are doing the same thing in Benson.

Why should we believe the Center for Biological Diversity. It was found by a jury to have maliciously and willfully defamed Jim Chilton, an Arizona rancher over bogus claims of degradation caused by his cattle.

Most local businesses and residents, the City of Benson and Cochise County, strongly support Villages at Vigneto, which should have had its grand opening last November. Because of incessant lawsuits by the Center for Biological Diversity and others this development is three years behind schedule. It is high time we all stand up to the anti-human campaign to depopulate Cochise County.

George Scott Lifelong Benson resident

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