The Brighten the Path movement are doing a great job. Having grown up in Benson, but now living in California, I still consider Benson my home.

Since I subscribe to the News-Sun, I read about Elton Bowman, Pam Masters, and all the great volunteers who are cleaning up Benson. They do a fantastic job of keeping Benson looking great.

By sharing this story you can see what great people live in Benson.

My sister, Isabel Rodriguez, of Benson and niece, Tina Rodriguez, who lives in Tucson, cleaned up my now deceased parents’ yard.

The trash pick up was missed on the last cleanup day. I called Elton from California one early afternoon. He said he’d drive by and take a look. By the same afternoon he called back to say the trash would be picked up by the end of the week. The next day it was gone!

It can’t be said enough: Thank you Elton, Pam, and all the volunteers.

I believe the town mayor should give Elton Bowman and Pam Masters an award for starting the Brighten the Path movement. We need more people like them in the crazy world we live in.

Maggie Figueroa Ploghaus Former Benson resident

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