The Benson San Pedro Valley Chamber of Commerce’s President Floyd (8/21/19) understands why environmental groups seek to prevent any large-scale development “that would significantly and negatively impact the aquifer and all but kill the San Pedro River and the abundance of wildlife reliant on the San Pedro River corridor”.

Yes. Consider what this would mean for Benson. Water. Consider what other changes this would mean for Benson: air and sound quality. Already Benson is deep in a valley through which run two major transportation corridors- Interstate 10 and the railroad — both busy and polluting the air with particulates and noise. Air and sound quality would become only ‘worse’ with the anticipated population and activities of such a development as Vigneto. The quality of our dark night sky would become ‘worse’ even if all outdoor lighting were in compliance with the City Code. Consider this: All of us, no matter where we live, share water, air, sound, night sky. We are not separate.

Anna Lands


[Editor's note: At the time of publication, this letter erroneously attributed an incorrect affiliation.]

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