If not for our veterans — there are many here in the San Pedro Valley — there would be no no democracy, Independence Day or a free world as we know it.

Sadly, each Veterans Day passes with little or no fanfare. Even locally, attendance seems to dwindle annually at our local observance.

We enjoy a vibrant veteran presence here in the San Pedro Valley, and our local veterans organizations remain continually active for the betterment of our community. They continue to give despite having given so much already, and most definitely an example we all should follow.

We can give up a half hour of our busy lives this Monday, Nov. 11, at Veterans Memorial Park on Fourth Street for the annual Veterans Day Observance. It’s not asking much, considering what our veterans and their families have sacrificed for us and which undoubtedly has affected our lives in one form or another.

Veterans Day is a day for us all to pay our proper respects to those who have and continue to ensure our freedom, and a day to remember those who lost their lives doing so. They’re all proof positive freedom comes at high cost, theirs of the most ultimate.

It’s our veterans who have always been there and will continue to be there. At a time in our country when divisiveness seems more the norm, we should all be able to find partisanship or common ground when it comes to the service of all our veterans, past and present. Quite frankly every day should be Veterans Day.

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