With classes at all area schools in session we can’t help but notice the exuberance that permeates our valley. The excitement generated by the start of a new school year can be infectious, and nowhere is that more true than the San Pedro Valley.

Back to School Fairs, Open Houses and now the start of classes this week at St. David Unified School District have infused a much-needed bolt of energy throughout our respective communities.

In closely-knit locales like the ones that cluster the San Pedro Valley, the goings on at the local schoolhouse drive the community. That’s the reality at Benson, St. David and Pomerene school districts. School is at the center of community.

That alone is amazing. We’re not surprised as much as we’re in awe.

In a dismal economy that in our part of the county has been slow to recover and in a demographic in which nearly half of all students enrolled at San Pedro Valley schools qualify for free or reduced lunch, our students are given the tools to perform. And they do, thanks much in part to the community’s support.

Our students perform beyond acceptable levels. It means that despite the situation, our fine educators, support staff, administrators and respective board members are in the trenches, for the betterment of our kids, our most precious resource. But it also means the professionals are unconditionally supported by a caring, interested and invested community. Invested in the development of young and impressionable minds for a bright future beyond high school.

That can only happen when each faction works in unison with the communities they serve. We’re glad to say that’s pretty much par for the course around these parts.

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