There is something to be said about community pride and cleanliness. We’re talking about “Brighten the Path” and their specific objective of ridding Benson of the eyesore trash and debris that litter our roadways, yards and alleys.

They’ll be at it again Saturday and are in need of volunteers who are asked to meet at the big ramada at Lions Park at 7 a.m. There is a particular need for folks who can provide use of trucks and trailers to load and haul trash.

Brighten the Path has been afoot in the community for a little more than a year thanks to the efforts of Pam Masters and Elton Bowman. With backing from the City of Benson and Cochise County several cleanup Saturdays have been held with tons of trash collected, hauled and disposed.

But you wouldn’t know it by taking a quick glance around town, and that’s not to say prior cleanups have been insignificant. Quite the contrary in fact. It has more to do with those who could care less how inconsideration affects others.

Simply put, there is a need for Brighten the Path and for more people to become involved. Frankly, it’s a cause that should be of interest to everyone in the community.

First impressions go a long way, and that rings true for a city, too. Often initial depiction is the deal maker or breaker, and we want people to stop in our town to patronize our local merchants.

We’ve seen the community step up before and we’re hoping for another such response this Saturday. Benson is a nice town, but it could also be nice, CLEAN, town.

Think of the possibilities.

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