Longtime readers of the San Pedro Valley News-Sun have most likely noticed some significant changes to this newspaper over the last few weeks. One of those changes happens to be that my name now appears near the top of this page, with the word “editor” beside it.

Although I officially received the title of editor of your paper about a week ago, I have actually been manning the helm since the first of this year when the previous managing editor was out for personal leave. A few months later, and I’m now in the spot full time.

While I’m new to the paper and the Benson area, I have lived in Southern Arizona for more than 30 years, studied journalism at both Pima Community College and the University of Arizona and have been working on and off with this paper’s parent company since 2014.

I have a passion for delivering important local community news, whether that’s coverage of government happenings or what’s going on in the schools and neighborhoods. In the past my work has been recognized by several journalism organizations, and I am dedicated to bringing that same coverage of local news to your newspaper.

Besides my presence here on staff, longtime readers will recognize another name that started popping up in these pages again the last few months. Reporter Dana Cole is back, much to the delight of many and chagrin of a few who would rather operate without an award-winning investigative reporter snooping around.

The two of us made our rounds last week, with her introducing me to a few of the important names in town. Everyone was glad to see us, or so they said, and I could see the desire for more local news in their eyes. We intend to make good on that need.

And one more name that will be familiar to locals is now gracing our sports pages. Linda Lou Lamb, a longtime teacher and coach at Benson Unified, is now sharing her wealth of knowledge and passion for youth sports with us every week, and we are happy to have her on board.

Our entire staff, small but mighty, are here to bring you the best darn paper we can, but for that, we need your help. Let us know about events going on for our “What’s happening” section, send us your letter to the editor and your news tips. Tell us where we are hitting the mark, and when we are off target, so we can continue to serve the community to the best of our ability.

We look forward to seeing you in the streets of Benson and St. David, hearing from you and sharing your stories. Change can be scary, but together we can make it successful, and maybe even have some fun along the way. See you out there!

Andrew Paxton is the editor of the San Pedro Valley News-Sun and city editor of the Herald/Review in Sierra Vista.

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