To the Editor:

The Chinese Communist Party has done American and the whole world an enormous disservice by stalling, prevaricating and trying to hide the Wuhan virus. 95% of the current illness and death could have been prevented if the Party would have released information on the outbreak in accord with established international norms. As late as mid-January, weeks into the outbreak, the Party claimed that person to person transmission of the virus was not possible. Dangerous and vile.

Further, we have a lot of talk, even today, March 20 as I write this, about the critical need for ventilators. It turns out that the Chinese Communist Party has stopped the shipments of a critical sub-component of this critical medical device to the USA. We are scrambling to source the sub-components within our borders.

Keep in mind that China is not a normal country. It is still a Communist dictatorship. The Chinese Communist Party is not a reliable partner.

Many necessary medical devices and drugs currently are sourced only from China, our unreliable, prevaricating trade partner. We need to make these necessary drugs and pieces of medical equipment domestically.

I am very proud of our people who are pulling together in this time of crisis. I urge all patriots to follow the instructions from our health experts. We are all in this together. May the Creator show his mercy to us.

Joseph Joy


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