I was recently in Benson for my daughter’s wedding. I flew in from Madeira Beach, FL a town on the Gulf of Mexico. Tourists and “snowbirds” marvel at the beauty of the sea. But that pales in comparison to what I was about to see.

Of course I got lost as I headed into Benson. While I was trying to contact my daughter, two different people offered their assistance. I was in awe of the magnificent view of the mountains, almost captivating and taking my breath away. The sound of the trains was a comfort and the main drag was charming, but I had work to do for the bride-to-be.

We headed to Ah Hello Be-You-Tifel for the dress rehearsal, where Debbie worked her magic. I was struck by the whimsical and vintage artifacts and curios, even heading to a rest room covered with Marilyn Monroe pictures. Best of all, Debbie said she would help do the same thing on her wedding day as she did with the dress rehearsal.

We strolled to the candy store with old-fashioned candy and gum. You know you’re getting old when the “retro” gum is what you had when you were a kid. The owners were very nice and accommodating.

I had dinner at Dickie’s (liked that fried okra), sampled a Sonoran dog at Wild Dogs (thumbs up), had really good Mexican at Magaly’s. The people at Walmart and Safeway were so helpful and genuine. Everyone was.

I delighted in seeing stars, more than we have here at home. And watching the sunset gleam off the mountains. I almost ran over a roadrunner. I thought the 75 mile per hour speed limit on I-10 was a bit challenging.

I was very sad to go. I loved spending time with my daughter, my new son-in-law and his parents. It was a spectacular wedding surrounded by the mountains. That’s not something you see every day.

So their fairy tale begins. I thank you for letting me write about my stay in Benson. Hopefully I’ll be back to visit.

Lisa Hart

Madeira Beach, FL

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