The Charles Wm. Leighton, Jr. Hospice, services Willcox and the surrounding areas including, Pearce, Sunsites, Dragoon, Benson, Pomerene, St David, Safford, Bowie, San Simon and Portal.

We are a non-profit organization and are in need of this community’s help. We are seeking volunteers; people willing to give back to their community ... people with as little as one to two hours a week to help out. Volunteers are needed in the homes of our clients with a variety of possible duties; something as simple as listening, reading, and or just giving the caregiver a break.

Future volunteers will undergo a 34-hour online training program (which you can complete from the comfort of your own home.) to arm them with the knowledge they need to help our families. Our classes cover a variety of topics, from the concept of hospice and the volunteer’s role, to understanding diseases and stress management. You will be given information on our concept of the “circle of care” and meet all the hospice team members. Call (520) 384-5878 if you can help.

Kristy Alexandra, Volunteer Coordinator

Charles Wm. Leighton, Jr. Hospice

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