Three people live together in a home with a yearly budget of $50,000. Every day to their dismay, someone enters their home and takes a gift that they received from one of their friends.

Finally one of them says, “let’s spend one tenth of one percent of our yearly budget ($50) for a lock on the side door entrance. This will help prevent future losses of the gifts that our friends have given us.”

The other two people say. “No, that would be immoral and not a good use of our budget dollars.” The first person says. “But if we do, it will help protect what we have been given by our friends and pay for itself many times over.” “No,” they say. Even though we were willing to spend $500 a few years ago, it is now immoral and a total waste of our budgeted money. The money could be better spent for keys to our front door.”

The next year the two people were miffed as to why they were no longer receiving gifts from their friends. The other person received more gifts than ever and moved to a larger house that could contain the abundance of the gifts from his friends.

Robert Hendryk


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