In the July 24 edition a letter entitled “love it or leave it” was authored by a Vietnam veteran Michael Clark. While I appreciate and thank Mr. Clark for his service to our country, I must respectfully disagree with several of his points.

He used the term “communistic” to complain about the Democrats in Congress who are justifiably and constitutionally following up on the investigation of Donald Trump that turned up questionable contact with Russian agents prior to the 2016 election and several incidents of attempted interference to keep the justice department from investigating his role in the proven interference in our election process. I find Mr. Clark’s support of Trump somewhat ironic, especially since Trump has, on more than one occasion, bowed to the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un, and in effect, licked his boots and made promises in exchange for practically nothing. As a Veteran, surely Mr. Clark is quite familiar with the ideology of Communism that he fought in Vietnam, and which more than 100,000 Americans died fighting in Vietnam and against Kim Jong Un’s relatives in North Korea. Trump also bows to Vladimir Putin, a former communist.

I would also note that there are quite a number of photos of Trump bowing to several prominent Muslim leaders and rulers, including the Saudi crown prince, the Emir of Kuwait and of Dubai, bending down and kissing their ring, something Mr Clark said Trump “wouldn’t do.” Well, he did.

Before criticizing and blaming Democrats for the problems he thinks they are causing by holding Trump accountable, he might want to check and see how many of the bills the Democrats in the house have sent to the Senate that the Republicans are blocking from passage, among them Veteran’s health care and mental health benefits, improvements to the Veteran’s health care system and increases in social security. Apparently Mr. Clark did not do any research before criticizing the Democrats and suggesting that not approving of Trump is equal to not loving America. Not approving of an openly crooked politician cannot be equated with not loving America.

Jack Matthews

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