Every simple act can have a huge impact on the entire world, sometimes not in a good way. The process all starts with you throwing something away. Whether that something is a candy wrapper or a broken toy. Sometimes though, garbage gets to the ocean and it causes a load of other problems. It significantly harms fish and the ecosystem. The nutrition we get from the fish is tainted with garbage. Eventually garbage to the bottom of the ocean.

You might be asking yourself “What does a little garbage and some fish have to do to me?” But think about it this way, in 200 years the bottom of the ocean could be a thick layer of trash. What you can do right now is recycle materials such as plastic, metal, paper, cardboard, and glass. This will prevent that future.

You can also go and volunteer to help clean up oceans, by going out on boats to clean the ocean surface before garbage sinks. Now this does not undo the damage that has already been done, but it helps it before it gets any worse. You can also volunteer to clean up trash in your neighborhood.

All of this is happening quickly. If we do not act promptly we could destroy our world. If you are still thinking “Why should I help?” Think about this; it may not be your trash, but it is all of our world.

Yochi Keltner


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