In reply to letters in the July 17 and July 24 editions of the News Sun, I, too, love this country and it makes me sick to see the way it has changed and is changing. And it’s sickening to see how the mainstream news media is lying to the American people about President Trump. This president has been trying to make this country great, but is battling against pro-illegal immigration enthusiasts, liberals, socialist, globalists, the lying media, and politicians who only care about getting Trump out of office so they can gain control and run the country their way, which is comparable to communism, not what is best for this country.

President Trump has his faults. He’s not perfect. He may be blunt, arrogant, not politically correct, saying what he thinks, and being honest, sometimes too honest, offending some people because they can’t handle the truth. But I would much prefer a president who says what he will do and does it, then one who makes promises that aren’t kept. Since Trump has taken office until October of 2018, he has had over 250 positive accomplishments, most of which were not reported by the mainstream media. They include a higher GDP than we’ve had in years, more people employed than ever before, more than 35 million new jobs created, jobless claims the lowest in nearly five decades, African American, Hispanic, and Asian unemployment rates at record lows, women’s unemployment rate at the lowest in 65 years, added more than 400,000 manufacturing jobs, taxes have decreased, wages have increased, 3.9 million people are off food stamps.

Yes, I feel sorry for the immigrants pouring across our borders and children being separated from the parents, but how come no one said anything when Obama and his administration were doing the exact same things? The problems are that our country can not continue to support all these people, giving them free food, free housing, free education, and free health care. Our taxes will increase. What will happen to our Social Security, Medicare and education programs?

Linda Rincon


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